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Raising More Money


In 2000, PMCs web site was very static and "brochureware in its style. There was very little interaction with participants online, the majority of registration was being done offline and was very labor and resource intensive. Online donations and registrations were being processed in batch, which led to a lot of problems when cards did not go through and receipts were being sent via snail mail. PMC would have to contact each donor via phone if there card did not go through. On top of that there were no tools online to help participants tell their story, reach out to their network via email and increase their fundraising success.


With the help of MWare, the PMC implemented a real-time solution online to capture and process event registrations and donations in real time and provide e-receipting. Then in 2002, MWare introduced Personal Fundraising Pages for each rider where they could tell their story, display their own photos and upload email contacts and solicit family, friends and co-workers online. The system displayed year-to-year fundraising and route history they could upload. They could now also access a list of previous year donors who supported them.


  • By 2002, 100% of riders registered online enabling the number of riders to grow 55% over the next five years


  • Riders were much more successful at soliciting online sponsorships with their personalized fundraising pages and more efficient email solicitations.


  • PMC staff no longer needed to mail receipts or call registrants/donors.


  • The increase in efficiencies and reduction in processing costs permitted 25% year-to-year growth in funds raised (to $17,500,000) with no increase in staff.


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