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Managing Volunteers


A big challenge for PMC is coordinating, managing and communicating with over 3,000 volunteers during every ride. PMCs success has been due in large part to their ability to leverage a very committed volunteer community. For years, PMC would capture volunteer information on paper which was very slow and inefficient and would communicate with them via snail mail and phone.

The challenge was finding an efficient way for volunteers to register and for PMC to manage the logistics of "who, where and when activities would take place and how to communicate with volunteers efficiently and in a timely manner while keeping costs down.


MWare developed and implemented an online volunteer management solution that:

  • Captures all volunteer registration information including areas of expertise and availability
  • Provides a review and approval process
  • Allows volunteers to choose available jobs, crews and shifts as well as change preferences
  • Segments volunteers and provides email templates for communicating with them


MWares volunteer management solution:

  • Prevents oversubscription of volunteers to a job or crew
  • Saves time and resources including printed materials
  • Allows more efficient management of volunteers with less staff
  • Delivers a better experience for volunteers

"As a result of PMCs continued innovation and use of technology and partnership with MWare, we spend less on postal today than we did back in 2000. Today we manage 2,090 more riders (a 70% increase) and raise $18.5 million more (150% increase) than we did back in 2000.

David Hellman, Senior Vice President of Operations

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge

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