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Increase Efficiencies -- (Scanning and Logistics)


The safety and security of participants, family members, volunteers and observers is a critical and time-consuming challenge. This requires tracking over 4,000 riders, their bikes, spare parts and personal luggage while managing rider access to restricted areas such as boats, dorms and specific events. In addition, riders often want to purchase additional merchandise but often dont carry cash, credit cards or identification as they ride.

With a demanding athletic event such as the PMC two-day ride, there are inevitably emergency situations that must be handled. The PMC needed some method of tracking each incident, opening and closing calls, logging location and participant information and getting the word out to emergency contacts and keeping them informed of the riders condition and location.


MWare introduced the use of versatile scanners that allowed mobile staff to scan riders bracelets, bike and luggage tags at various points. PMC can now track, route and restrict access to riders, their bikes and luggage easily and provide an easy mechanism for riders to make purchases on the weekend of the ride. By scanning the riders ID bracelet, purchases by riders during the event can now be made with their credit card on file in the PMC system.


  • Increased efficiencies and fewer mistakes have resulted in a better experience for the riders and staff time savings.


  • Staff and volunteers can now effectively manage access to many different locations by scanning a riders ID bracelet.


  • PMC can easily manage head count and provide the harbormaster with all people who have boarded on each returning boat from Provincetown back to Boston by scanning each riders bracelet.


  • Increased convenience for riders and additional revenue source on day of ride by allowing riders IDs to be scanned for the purchase of additional merchandise.