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Increase Efficiencies -- (Check Processing)


For years a huge challenge and cost for PMC has been the handling and processing of a large number of checks they receive from sponsors. PMC processes over 125,000 gifts by check in relation to its Ride.

PMC staff would manually batch the checks from each participant, "running a tape, bundling and delivering the checks for processing at the bank. The bank would key the sponsors name, address, check amount, account and the participant ID and then send a lockbox transmittal file to PMC for import into its database.

The cost to do this was around $5 per check, totaling $205,000 in bank fees alone in 2001. This would take as long as a week to process a check, data quality was frequently a problem and riders were frustrated with the lack of a timely, accurate statement of their funds raised.


PMC and MWare collaborated to come up with a solution to streamline and automate the process and reduce costs. MWare integrated check image scanning, OCR and lockbox technology with their event management software. Participants now mail their checks directly to the bank lockbox in an envelope with their unique ID on it. Check images with minimal ID fields are transmitted daily by the bank. The PMC system then unpacks the images, uses optical character recognition to extract name and address elements, links check records to the riders fundraising statements and assists the users in "scrubbing the data before it is posted. The system also preserves the top-left corner of every check so the images can be perused by the riders as needed.


  • Savings of $100,000 per year in bank processing fees
  • Staff time savings
  • Participants now have timely, accurate information about the details and fundraising totals for online as well as offline gifts.

"From a cost saving and efficiency perspective, this has been the single biggest thing that MWare has implemented that has saved us huge dollars and made us more efficient which helps ensure that 100% of participant donations are going to Dana Farber.

David Hellman, Senior Vice President of Operations

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge