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Raising More Money


For many years, select medical centers have matched patients with Boston Marathon participants who are fundraising on their behalf. Most had been doing this all on paper; it was very labor intensive and resulted in data being manually entered into multiple systems. These institutions were looking for a means to optimize this opportunity and increase participant fundraising success.


MWare introduced Partnered Fundraising to Event Control to enable event administrators to connect fundraising supporters with patients who then collaborate on their fundraising story and solicitations.

Partners such as patients (and their family members) are given access to their own PFPs where they can enter their stories and can solicit and raise funds.

People in the back office determine which participants should be partnered with which patients. There may be multiple patients be associated with a single or multiple runners with a single patient.

A personalized email is automatically generated to all partners, both runners and patients, introducing them to one another and sharing their stories. They can then communicate among themselves.


  • An increase in efficiencies and less time spent managing partnering information.
  • Historical information about patient partners is retained in EC.
  • Partnering has allowed users of this feature to engage supporters at a deeper level by pairing them with patients and connecting them more personally with the organizations' causes.