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Optimizing Your Events (Family and Child Registrations)


Medical centers have many families that have been touched by their work who are eager to raise funds for them, particularly by participating in athletic fundraising events. The challenge was that online registration made it very difficult for a parent to register their spouses and children for an event.

Some participating children want to raise funds on their own and others are being registered simply so that they can accompany their parents during the events such as a walk or bike ride. Typical event sites did not handle these types of registrations and the concept of registering with guests for an event was confusing. Guests were not charged a registration fee causing administrators to have to process manual charges. The event system did not perform any duplicate checking or age validation.


A major medical center turned to MWare to provide online registration and personal fundraising tools that better meet their needs.

Event Controls Group Registration feature enables participants to register themselves as well as others, including spouse and children. Each registrant is checked for allowable age, but those registered by an adult can be under this allowable age. For such child registrations, the registering supporter can choose to have them marked as a fundraising or non-fundraising participant. Registrations for fundraising children include their own PFP and a registration fee is charged. Non-fundraising children are charged a separate registration fee but are not set up with their own fundraising page. All biographical information about registered children (names, ages, etc.) are kept private.

All registrations are checked at the start of the process to assure that registrations are not duplicated.


  • Less staff time spent handling problems that arise during registrations.
  • The response from participants regarding ease of use has been very positive
  • More child participants have been successfully fundraising for the institution
  • Duplicate registrations are almost unheard of now