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Increasing Efficiencies through Integration (Whitemail and RE)


Gift processing staff at several clients were faced with the need to enter all sponsors' checks for an event into MWares EC as well as into their donor management system. The records of these "offline gifts" were difficult to keep current and the data entry was prone to errors. The timeliness of entry of the information in EC resulted in participants fundraising records being incomplete, meaning there were many calls and emails to the event manager regarding participants actual amounts raised.

Entry of event-related information in donor management systems was another part of the challenge. The donor management system is typically the "system of record for most development offices and there is a general need to have participant registrations, teams, shirt sizes, etc., displayed in these systems.


MWare developed a data exchange connector named ECtoRE that synchronizes donor management records with EC contacts, sends participants, sponsors, gifts, registrations and various gift/registration attributes to the popular donor management system, Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge®(RE).

MWare extended Event Control to allow for the entry of "whitemail gifts such as those received by check. These gifts were batched, just as with online gifts, and batch controls were provided to ensure that the number and dollar total of the batches were accurate. MWare then implemented ECtoRE to exchange constituent, event and gift records, both online and whitemail, from EC to RE.


  • Duplication of effort to keep RE up to date with event-related sponsors, registrations and online gifts is completely eliminated.
  • Duplication of data entry for offline gifts is eliminated.
  • Data quality is vastly improved due to batch controls and single entry of gifts.
  • The burden of constituent matching and deduping with EC contacts is greatly eased through use of ECs matching logic.