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Increasing Efficiencies (Applicant Registrations)


Several not-for-profit organizations receive Boston Marathon bib numbers that they assign to runners who agree to fundraise for them. In the past, this information on applicants was collected offline and was tracked on paper with a great deal of manual data entry and opportunity for error. Each approved registrant then had to be manually registered in Event Control.

These organizations needed an online process that would ask specific questions and capture answers, provide a review process that would allow staff to accept, reject or wait list applicants and one that would assign and store bib numbers.


MWare configured a two-step application-registration process that enabled people to fill out an online application. The event manager can then approve, waitlist or reject applicants. Once approved, the runner is assigned a bib number and an automatic, personalized welcoming message is generated with instructions for logging in, accessing their PFP and showing the bib number. Auto-generated messages are sent to others based on the status of their applications.


  • Increased efficiencies in the capture and processing of the applications
  • The review and approval process takes far less time
  • Approved people are now automatically set up with fundraising pages and notified
  • Manual data entry has been minimized
  • Bib numbers are now easily assigned to runners