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Optimize Events

Efficient operation and coordination of your fundraising events can reduce costs and increase fundraising opportunities. Managing events is very time and resource-intensive for any organization.

EC can quickly and professionally deliver your campaigns and events online to your audience with minimal effort on your part. Several ways in which EC optimizes your campaigns and events are:

  • Comprehensive, template-driven registration forms that are fully customizable to your needs
  • Automated emails generated for registrations, donation acknowledgements, team invitations and any other business rule you specify
  • Solicit and manage volunteers who are able to register, select assignments, jobs and sites all online
  • The ability to copy, clone and revise various events from year to year
  • Reporting and retention of all participant and sponsorship history across all events

Multiple affiliates or chapters are supported in EC, allowing all of your groups to use and benefit from the same online fundraising system while allowing central administration.

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