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Increase Efficiencies

Increasing your operations efficiencies can be critical to scaling your fundraising operations and moving to the next level of fundraising success. Cost savings go directly to your bottom line and sensible automation is the key to such efficiencies.

MWare has engineered Event Control to make your team more efficient with automation of many of your business processes. The system also has been designed to be easily and effectively integrated with other systems and technologies. The results are reduced staff time needed to conduct events allowing more of your time to be spent on marketing and communicating with your constituency.

  • Triggers emails to your supporters and sponsors based on actions and rules that you define
  • Addresses cleansing and change-of-address (NCOA) processing
  • Data exchange with Donor Management Systems such as The Raisers Edge to eliminate duplicate gift and donor entry
  • Mobile scanning of RFID bracelets and credit cards for day-of-event operations
  • Lockbox integration and OCR scanning of check images

One of the key efficiencies gained with Event Control is stronger, more unified branding through the use of consistent donation and registration pages for all campaigns and events that extends the look, feel and sensibility of your website.

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