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Email Campaigns

Email communications are a vital medium that can have a huge impact on your mission if properly leveraged. Focused and well-orchestrated email messaging gives you a way to interact with existing donors, event participants and potential supporters on a regular basis at a very low cost. It is a valuable cultivation tool and will help build stronger relationships with your constituents through newsletters and updates.

Event Control allows you to generate and track various types of email communications each with its unique branding, layout and message.

  • Build messages such as newsletters, appeals, invitations, surveys and more, each with a separate template for time savings and branding consistency.
  • Segment your messages based on recipient attributes (by geographic area, interest, donor or lapsed donor etc.)
  • Personalize your message (with first-name, campaign-name, etc.) and use conditional content based on attributes of a recipient (previous-amount-given, source, etc.)
  • Track and report on vital email statistics such as click-throughs and gifts generated.